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​​​ACGC AccreditationAccreditation of Educational Programs

Accreditation is a process of external peer review in which a private, nongovernmental agency or association grants public recognition to an institution or specialized program of study that meets certain established qualifications and educational standards, as determined through initial and subsequent periodic evaluations. (Committee on Allied Health Education and Accreditation, 1991).

ACGC grants accreditation to a graduate program in genetic counseling that meets or exceeds the Required Criteria established by ABGC in 1996 and the Standards of Accreditation adopted by ACGC in January 1, 2013. Accreditation is granted for a finite period and must be renewed as specified by ACGC.

Benefits of ACGC Accreditation

ACGC accreditation benefits genetic counseling programs and advantageously affects the genetic counseling profession as well as communities and the general public by:
  • Promoting and insuring quality and diversity in programs by requiring educational institutions to continuously evaluate and improve their processes and outcomes
  • Supporting institutions and programs in their efforts to meet and exceed standards
  • Identifying programs that meet nationally accepted standards for prospective students
  • Fostering and facilitating higher levels of academic performance, integrity, and quality by both genetic counseling students and professionals
  • Better preparing students for certification exams and the workforce
  • Providing prospective employers with highly competent and qualified genetic counseling graduates

Accreditation Application for Reaccreditation

Please click here​​​ for the Accreditation Application for Reaccreditation (Self-Study).  The tables for appendices can be found here.  Include both forms when submitting the application.

Accreditation Application for New Programs

Please click here​ for the Accreditation Application for New Programs.  The tables for appendices can be found here​.  Include both forms when submitting the application.

ACGC biosketch template

Report of Current Status

Please click here​ for a copy of the RCS questions for reference.

Please click here for the RCS Training Webinar slides.

Please click on the video below for the recorded version of the RCS Training Webinar.