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​​​ ​​ACGC Volunteers

ACGC relies on its volunteers to complete a number of organizational activities critical to its mission. There are a number of ways in which you can become involved if interested in volunteering.


Program Review Committee
The purpose of the Program Review Committee is to review applications submitted by programs seeking ACGC accreditation. This committee will review accreditation applications to assess whether programs are compliant with the Standards of Accreditation and make recommendation to the Board of Directors regarding the accreditation decisions.  

More specifically:

  • Participation in annual training via webinar (1 hour) with the potential for an in-person training to be held in conjunction with a national genetics meeting
  • Review up to 5-7 accreditation applications potentially annually
    • Experienced reviewers will be assigned as Primary or Secondary reviewers, who will have more responsibility for facilitating review conference calls and completing the review check sheet
  • Review annual Reports of Current Status
  • Participation in 2 conference calls for each program under review (each lasts approximately 60 minutes)
  • Minimum of a 3 year commitment 

Program Site Visitors
The site visitor team serves as the eyes and ears of the ACGC while exploring a genetic counseling program on location. Responsibilities and time commitments of site visitors include:

  • Participate in annual training via webinar (1 hour), with the potential for an in-person training to be held in conjunction with a national Genetics meeting
  • Thoroughly reviewing the accreditation application for the genetic counseling program they have been assigned.​
  • Review accreditation application and PRC summary findings for the assigned program (up to 5 hours of work)
  • ​Travel to program site and conduct 1.5 days of interviews with program director(s), medical director, faculty, current students, graduates, administrators and rotation supervisors. Travel is typically scheduled between November/December and February/March for the 2 different review cycles.
  • In conjunction with other members of the site visit team, compose a comprehensive report summarizing the program’s strengths and weaknesses for use by the ACGC Board when making accreditation decision
  • Minimum of a 3 year commitment​
Site visitor qualifications:
  1. Practicing Genetic Counselor or Medical Geneticist with at least 5 years of experience
  2. Current ABGC or ABMG certification
  3. Recent experience in the didactic education and/or clinical training of genetic counselors
  4. Expertise in the body of systematic knowledge essential to the field of genetic counseling
  5. Willingness to conduct at least 2 site visits in a three year period
  6. Completion of ACGC site visitor orientation (review of PowerPoint presentation)

Download a Volunteer Application​​​​