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​ACGC accredited programs must submit a Report of Current Status of a Genetic Counseling Program annually by June 15th.  The Executive Office will invoice annual accreditation fees (see fee table) in January every year. Checks are made payable to the Accreditation Council for Genetic Counseling and sent to the ACGC Executive Office, 7918 Jones Branch Drive, Suite 300, McLean, VA 22102 USA and must be paid no later than June 15th. The ACGC Executive Office will distribute the reporting form for the Report of Current Status to all programs with any accreditation status in early March each year. Years in which a program is under review the annual accreditation fee should be submitted with the program's self-study. Programs under review will be invoiced for the site visit fee in January.

The fees support the administrative activities associated with the accreditation of programs that are required for full accreditation/re-accreditation. Any program unable to meet a deadline is encouraged to contact the ACGC Executive Office, as a late fee is applied to any documents/fees not submitted by the appropriate deadline.

​​   2018   
Annual Accr​editation Fee
Full Ac​creditation ​$4,000
Accredited New Program/Probationary ​$4,500
Site Visit Fee
Programs <30 students ​ $4,500
Programs >30 students ​​​$6,000

The ACGC reserves the right to add an extra site visitor for any program at a fee of $1,500. For example, ACGC may add an extra site visitor to obtain additional data if programs have: failed to meet Standards; have been on probation during the current accreditation cycle; or have facilities/program leadership spanning a large geographic area.

For programs < 30 total student body at time of the site visit, the fee is $4,500 (with 3 site visitors)

For programs with > 30 total student body at time of the site visit, the fee is $6,000 (with 4 site visitors)