About ACGC

Accreditation Council for Genetic Counseling (ACGC) is the accreditation board for graduate programs in genetic counseling. ACGC advances quality in genetic counseling education by developing and maintaining standards for educational and clinical training of genetic counseling students and implementing a peer-review process to evaluate programs.


Organizational Core Values


We value honesty and good character in all aspects of our work.


We incorporate accreditation best practices within a dynamic environment.


We are committed to consistent, equitable, and objective accreditation decision making.


We take responsibility for our actions and the impact of our decisions.


We value interacting with others committed to quality in genetic counseling, education, and accreditation.


We provide clear, direct, accessible information about our mission, scope, standards, and policies.


We are strategic in using our staff, volunteer, and financial resources to assure sustainability and to maximize value to accredited programs.


ACGC Guidance Related to Compliance with the Standards in Time of COVID-19 View Here