Practice Based Competencies

Announcement of Practice Based Competency (PBC) Revision

ACGC has approved revisions to the PBC competency Domain 1, Number 4. The revisions are meant to broadly encompass testing, both molecular and non-molecular, and to include explicit language related to ordering of laboratory tests. Graduate programs are expected to map their curriculum to reflect the additional aspects reflected in the new PBC language by submission of the 2020 Report of Current Status. The ACGC PBC revision announcement details specific revisions, rationale and implications for graduate education.

The Practice Based Competencies define and describe the twenty two practice-based competencies that an entry-level provider must demonstrate to successfully practice as a genetic counselor. It provides guidance for the training of genetic counselors and an assessment for maintenance of competency of practicing genetic counselors. The didactic and experiential components of a genetic counseling training curriculum and maintenance of competency for providers must support the development of competencies categorized in the following domains: (I) Genetics Expertise and Analysis; (II) Interpersonal, Psychosocial and Counseling Skills; (III) Education; and (IV) Professional Development & Practice. These domains describe the minimal skill set of a genetic counselor, which should be applied across practice settings.

To download the full ACGC Practice Based Competencies document, click here.

ACGC Guidance Related to Compliance with the Standards in Time of COVID-19 View Here